Pence most likely author of the NY Times letter

Pence most likely author of the NY Times letter

There is no question, in my mind, that Vice President Mike Pence wrote the NY Times letter.

I believe Pence is the author based on three factors:

1) Words and themes: The writer said that the most critical problem was Trump’s amorality. “The root of the problem is the president’s amorality.” Pence would likely be the only high ranking official to site Trump’s amorality as the most important problem (so many to choose from). Pence wears his religion on his sleeve like no other member of Trump’s cabinet. Most of his cabinet have a rather informal relationship with morality and would likely not rank it in the top 3, much less top concern about Trump. In his concern about amorality, Pence reveals himself. Further, as others have noted, the unusual word “lodestar” used to describe Senator McCain, is a particular favorite of Pence.

2) 25th amendment reference: The clearest indication that it was Pence was the reference to the 25th amendment. This amendment addresses the replacement of the President and appointment of VP to assume his duties. Specifically, Section 4 of the 25th amendment outlines the procedure to remove the president from office. Section 4 requires the majority of the “principal officers of the executive departments” AND the VP to invoke the 25th amendment removal process. Clearly, for any whispers to be serious, Pence must have been aware of, if not involved and obviously he would directly benefit by ascending to the presidency earlier than he hoped.

Also, by invoking Section 4 of the 25th amendment, Pence sends a dog whistle that the cabinet was ready for him to take over as president. IE the reference validates, if indirectly, his presidential bona fides.

3) Cui bono – who benefits? This article clearly benefits Pence the most. Why? That he has presidential aspirations there is no doubt (and he is likely the only remotely credible candidate among Trump senior officials). The letter increases the chance that Trump will be a one-term President. This will open the door for Pence to run for office in 2020. Pence won’t run against Trump, but he does, doubtless, secretly hope that Trump will either be removed from office or will not seek a second term. By mentioning the 25th amendment, he sends a dog whistle signal that the President’s cabinet would support him to replace Trump as president.

Further if Trump fails to complete his first term and Pence runs, he can then out himself as the author. He will keep it secret until it benefits him to reveal himself as the author. This is his back-pocket insurance policy. He will support Trump as long as the public does, but this letter provides a parachute out of Trumpland. Keep it secret if Trump is still in office, but reveal authorship upon: indictment, removal or resignation. It allows him to have his cake and eat it too. He can be a Trump loyalist until it’s expedient not to be.

There is also a second benefit to Pence. He abhors Trump’s immorality and is conflicted about serving him. Who does Pence serve? The President? Clearly not. The country? Possibly. God? No doubt. This editorial serves as a sort of public confession and justification to work for somebody so morally unhinged. Pence, with this letter, is confessing to god or rather justifying to god his seemingly unbending loyalty to Trump.

Why does this matter?

Why does it matter? It matters because, if it is in fact Pence, you can be sure Pence will do everything in his power to manipulate behind the scenes against Trump and secure a likely victory for himself in the next presidential election. And if there is anything more dangerous than a Trump presidency, it is a Pence presidency.

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