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Why the People’s Economist? The name derives from two of the founder’s favorite sources of information: The Economist magazine and A People’s History, by Howard Zinn. Though ostensibly about economics, the Economist is, in fact, a very credible, balanced source of both economics and current events more generally. Such was the goal of this website. Howard Zinn’s book is a an alternate history of the US, written from the people’s perspective.

We hope this website serves as a hub for the 99% who desire a credible, balanced source of information, financial analysis, financial literacy training and tools. The founder of the People’s Economist is Rod Dubitsky. Rod is a professional with over 30 years experience in financial services and global economic development. He has over 25 years experience in the for-profit financial services industry and 10 years experience in global economic development.

While working in finance, Rod was a top ranked analyst for Credit Suisse in the consumer finance space and led the advisory analytics division with Pimco with responsibility for some of the largest post-financial crisis bailout consulting engagements.

Rod has been widely quoted in the press including Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Time Magazine and the New York Times.